the Patient Activation Company

With our proprietary Patient Activation process and unique clinical contact center, 83bar helps accelerate the patient’s healthcare journey to efficiently convert them from passive patient to an active health consumer in minutes, hours or days… not weeks, months or years.

What Makes 83bar Different?

An exclusive, integrated 4-part Patient Activation system​

Activate patients for pharma brands, medical devices, diagnostic tests, health care services, clinical trial recruitment, and market research.

Convert health-seekers to active patient advocates​

Patient Activation is our innovative strategy that helps patients better engage with their own healthcare. Leads generated from our campaigns are delivered quickly and ready to take action.

How we do it: A platform proven to work​

We use targeted social media ads to identify and engage potential leads who are navigated to a customized, educational survey page for pre-qualification. Our Clinical Contact Center reaches out immediately to further educate and nurture qualified leads.

We wrote the book on Patient Activation!

In this book, you’ll learn the definitions behind the 4-point process of patient activation. It will also share how 83bar clients (as well as other leading health care organizations) successfully use the model in a wide range of different initiatives. Along the way, you will gain specific techniques for applying the patient activation in your own efforts.

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