Clinical Trials

Clinical Trial Recruitment

Accelerate and expand patient recruitment in trials for drugs, devices, diagnostics, and digital health modalities — even those hard-to-find patients with rare disease.

Meet Patients Where They Are​

At 83bar, 65% of patients we find are outside of the medical system.

The 83bar approach has been purposefully designed around finding patients when their health concerns are top of mind, and engaging them while they are a captive audience.

Create a Different Experience for Trial Participants​

At 83bar, our approach prioritizes speed, personalization, and concierge-level services.

The expanded role of Patient Activation in clinical trial recruitment can help boost public awareness and drive vital healthcare research for improved public health outcomes. Our method also increases visibility, prompting patients and their families to ask for treatments by name.

Optimize Each Component of the Clinical Development Value Chain

At 83bar, we collaborate with stakeholders throughout the stages of clinical trials.

We accelerate enrollment with a best-in-class Patient Activation system. We appreciate the opportunity to partner with trial sponsors, CROs, investigator sites, and others within the trial ecosystem to help save time and costs.

Ready to Get Started?

Apply the 4-Step Patient Activation Process to Your Clinical Trial​

01. Locate

02. Educate

03. Navigate

04. Advocate