Patient Activation

About Patient Activation

Our exclusive 4-step process manages the full spectrum of online prospect identification, health assessment, nurse-staffed call center for clinical consultations, business intelligence, and analytics.

Our exclusive 4-Step process manages the full spectrum of online prospect identification starting with a proprietary online health survey that captures qualifying criteria and a clinical call center for immediate follow-up consultations.

Harnesses the Power and Speed

Our proprietary, end-to-end technology platform, combined with a concierge approach by our Clinical Contact Center, can activate patients in minutes or hours, not days, weeks, or months.


We identify prospective patients through targeted digital marketing strategies and our online health assessment, including the hard-to-find patients such as those in the rare disease space. Our nurses make contact with  these patients  quickly (typically within minutes) when their online activity is still top-of-mind.


We build a relationship with patients and share meaningful solutions to help them make informed decisions, empowering them to become an active healthcare consumer.


We guide patients to take action through appointment scheduling or service fulfillment, whichever is appropriate for the client.


We continue the patient outreach to ensure satisfaction with their care and treatment, and to promote improved treatment and health care.

What Makes 83bar Patient Activation Different?

An activated patient is a different kind of patient – more prepared and motivated to act. Our prequalification process doubles as an opportunity to educate patients and ensure they are an appropriate candidate prior to a referral.

We Measure Results By: