Pharma Brands

Unlike traditional DTC media campaigns, our fully integrated awareness-to-activation process results in more prospects that are prepared and motivated to act, and then qualified for referral.

Deliver a message beyond “Ask your doctor if it's right for you.”

At 83bar, our approach shortens the time from interest to action.

We have more than two dozen case studies on patient behaviors that occur in the decisive window between tagline and office visit. What we can illustrate has direct positive impact on the bottom line.

Attain a more predictable and robust direct-to-patient activation funnel.

At 83bar, we measure the data most relevant to your campaign.

Many digital campaign funnels can report cost-per-click metrics. Some could give you cost-per-lead. We have been able to create a cost-per-appointment metric.

Get closer to the patient’s motivation.

At 83bar, we prefer to ask, not tell.

Patients want to know, “Can this product help me? Will this treatment work for me? Does this regimen fit my life? Could it help my friend or loved one?” That’s why our outreach, risk assessments, and surveys are all developed with a patient point of view.

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Apply the 4-step Patient Activation process to your DTC marketing

01. Locate

02. Educate

03. Navigate

04. Advocate