Services & Therapeutics

Services & Therapeutics

Compete stronger in the healthcare market faced with declining service reimbursement.  Create greater efficiency and optimize practice management with better prepared, ready-to-act patients.

Prepare Your Patients with Education

At 83bar, our approach educates and pre-qualifies patients

We create a better patient experience through ease of use and transparency of process. The benefit to you to improved quality of leads and actionable patient referrals. It also means streamline workflow for providers and clinics.

Drive the Patient Journey and Accelerate the Path to Well

At 83bar, our communications focus on action and behavioral change.

We utilize a tech-enabled system with hyper-local targeting and personalization at scale. Our model is accountable, transparent, and measurable. Most of all, it delivers clinical messages with empathy.

Ready to Get Started?

Apply the 4-Step Patient Activation Process to Your Service Marketing

01. Locate

02. Educate

03. Navigate

04. Advocate